Elaine Peters Executive Search


Elaine understands the urgency when a key position becomes vacant. Through an initial meeting with you and other key stakeholders, she will learn and identify the competencies and qualities that are needed for success. This will help to identify the right candidate who is not only qualified for the role, but also a fit for your team and organization. From developing position profile, marketing the role, to scheduling candidates to meet with you, all of these elements of the search are handled for you. Elaine understands how to work with your internal talent acquisition team or Human Resources department to coordinate and ensure the lines of communication are open and everyone is working together.

Elaine will make sure your organization is being represented professionally and accurately.

Utilizing a simple 5 step approach to filling the position helps to ensure the search is on target and is successfully completed, getting the right person for your opening.

  1. Kick-off Meeting
  2. Recruiting & Marketing the Position
  3. First Round Interviews
  4. Final Interviews
  5. Offer

Throughout each stage of the process, attention to the candidate’s experience is important. Every effort is made to ensure candidates are well informed of their progress, confidentiality is maintained and as an extension of your organization, you can rely on Elaine to ensure that your organization is being represented professionally and accurately.

Your experience as a customer is extremely important. An initial search kick-off meeting is scheduled. During this meeting, we will discuss the search process. If you plan to use a panel or committee for the interview process, this meeting should include them. Thereafter, weekly or bi-weekly check in meetings are scheduled so that you and/or the committee are aware of the progress of the search and can be informed every step of the way.

Every candidate is personally interviewed and screened to ensure the best candidates are brought forward for your review. A written reference report is prepared and degrees are verified.

Salary negotiations can be awkward. Elaine is experienced in delivering job offers and negotiating with candidates on your behalf. Once a verbal agreement is made, a written letter extending the offer is prepared. Working in conjunction with you or your internal team, Elaine is able to manage this part of the process for you.

After the job offer is accepted, Elaine will reach out to ensure all other candidates are communicated with and will keep in contact with your new hire 30 and 60 days after they start to ensure a smooth transition.

Canididate Evaluation

A comprehensive review and assessment of candidates is conducted to ensure you get the right leader for your organization. Candidates will be evaluated based on the competencies described below to determine which candidates are worthy of review by a client.

Candidate Evaluation Criteria

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Professional track record
  • Leadership style
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Entrepreneurial inclination
  • Intellect
  • Communication skills
  • Judgment
  • Collaborative nature
  • Creativity and influence