Elaine Peters Executive Search

Talent Acquisition Consulting Services

The rapidly changing landscape of talent acquisition requires a vision and a strategy for the future. The following services can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Executive Search

    Focused on finding you the right leadership talent is my goal. Through stakeholder meetings, understanding your organization’s business and providing excellent service; the right candidates are presented to you. Drawing upon professional networks, research and networking to find the right set of competencies and skills for the role leads to a successful outcome.

  • Talent Strategy

    We can help you create a strategy that includes a vision for future success. By partnering with your executive team, and other key constituents, the development of the strategy is the first step in a robust approach to talent for your organization that aligns with your business objectives.

  • Talent & Succession Planning

    Having talent and succession planning in place ensures you are prepared before key vacancies occur. Working with your senior leaders, we will identify succession and talent planning needs. Preparing for future key vacancies is critical to the success and continuity of your operations. We will work with you and help you guide leaders through this process to prepare for future business needs.

  • Talent Acquisition Structure & Design

    Assessing your team's structure and design to help transform the structure from an operational model to a strategic and business focused one.